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The return request and warranty policy is applicable for ECO-LED, ASPIRASIA and SPECLITE products.  SPECLITE TECHNOLOGIES is committed to delivering a product in good condition and functional.  If you receive a damaged or defective product, SPECLITE TECHNOLOGIES will decide whether to repair or replace the product.  Please note that SPECLITE cannot be held responsible for damage occurring during transport in the event that the carrier is employed or under contract with the customer. If necessary, your transporter must be contacted if damage resulting from transport has been detected.

Refunds (if applicable)

To determine if your product is still under warranty , please follow the next steps:

Step 1: First find out if your product is still under warranty:

LED fixtures and tubes:

LED bulbs:

Battery and battery products:


Security lights:


5 years warranty

5 years warranty

3 years warranty

3 years warranty

3 years warranty

3 years warranty

NB: The applicable guarantees start from the date of delivery of the said product, they are not subject to improper installation or misuse which exceeds the mechanical, thermal or electrical capacity of the said product.

When the warranty is still in effect and the product conditions are met for a reasonable return, you must do the following.

Step 2: Complete the warranty and return form

Please fill the return form at the following link: https://speclite.ca/returns/

When your warranty and return request is duly completed and submitted, our customer service will notify you of our decision.  Here are the possible decisions:

1. This product is easily repairable with one or more components that we will send to you at our expense (in this condition, the product will not need to be sent back to us)

2. The product is not repairable and we will send you a replacement unit if it is warrantied.

3. A credit will be issued for the actual value of the product

Unless otherwise indicated, decision 2 and 3 requires the return of the defective product at your expense to:
SPECLITE (Office in Quebec)
Tommy Laberge
2022 Rue Lavoisier suite 130
Quebec, QC, G1N 4L5 Canada
TEL : (418) 614-3742 EXT 110

An RMA number will be issued to you and you must clearly indicate this on the return box.  No returns will be accepted without an RMA number and all delivery costs incurred for the shipment of products and or parts to our offices will be at the customer’s expense.

Only the customer service department can make a decision on your warranty claim and issue an RMA number, no seller or other staff will be authorized to issue you an RMA number or make a decision regarding warranty and returns.


The return request and warranty policy is applicable for ECO-LED®, ASPIRASIA® and SPECLITE® products. You must complete the return form directly at: http://speclite.ca/retour within 30 days of invoicing. For any return exceeding 30 days from the date of purchase and up to a maximum of 90 days following the invoice date, restocking fees apply, equal to 25% of the price of the product before tax, indicated on the purchase invoice. No returns are acceptable in more than 90 days. This policy only applies if the product has not been used and has not been installed, the product must be in its original packaging and intact.  No return of product in liquidation or final sale will be accepted for a return.

Upon receipt of your duly completed form, we will issue you an RMA number which you must affix on your return boxes and send to: 

SPECLITE (Montreal warehouse)
Merchandise reception
1710 Route Trans-Canada,
Dorval, QC, H9P 2X7, Canada
TEL : (418) 614-3742 EXT 110

Any return of non-defective goods is at the customer’s expense. For all goods exceeding two pallets, you must make an appointment at retour@speclite.ca or by phone at (418) 614-3742 EXT 110.

All returns must have been preauthorized, with an RMA number issued by the customer service department of SPECLITE Technologies Inc. All returns without preauthorization or RMA number will be refused. Only the customer service department can issue you an RMA number, no salesperson or other staff will be authorized to issue you a #RMA or make a decision regarding warranty and returns.

Thank you for your collaboration