0-Area Light 347V (200-480Vac)

Benefiting from the latest technological advances on the market, outdoor street lights have become the preferred product for building owners. They represent a substantial saving both in terms of energy and maintenance. In addition, color and shine provide better performance and better lighting than ever, ensuring better security for your customers.

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Bring a new light to your business

Our large surface lighting panels are perfect for ensuring the safety of your customers. With a power of 150 or 240 Watts available, we are able to cover the surfaces of your parking lot in an efficient, safe manner while respecting the environment. The energy efficiency of these panels makes them the right product for your needs.

Technology you can trust

LED lighting is here to stay and has proven itself to outperform standard lighting

Energy efficiency

With a proven track record, LED lighting helps you save money today. Each one of those bulbs can make you save up to XX$

Low Maintenance

With a longer longevity, these LED bulbs greatly help reduce your maintenance cost tremendously


With a XX hour life expectancy, these lights will save you money for many years to come

Optimize your lighting and save money

We all know that outdoor lighting is an important energy spending in buildings. Given their longevity, low maintenance and energy costs, LED street lights are ideal for lighting outdoor parking lots.

LED lights thrive in cold temperatures

We all know outdoor lighting is used more in cold weather and it turns out that unlike regular light bulbs, LED street lights love these temperatures. This increases the longevity making them the best system for these environments.

0-Area Light 347V (200-480Vac)



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200-480V 5700K 185W, 200-480V 5700K 240W, 200-480V 5700K 300W

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