0-Flood Light With Articulated Arm

This flood light is perfect for all occasions.  Have fun in the park or in the background even in the darkest night with this powerful flood light.  The LED used will give you a perfect render of colours and will let you and your friends enjoy the game for several hours after sunset.

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More light, less maintenance

Because nothing beats a good part, our projectors raise the curtain on these activities that we like so much. Whether between adults or with children, a well-lit area becomes a whole new play area. Whether for playgrounds, parking lots or other, these lights are both powerful and economical.

Technology you can trust

LED lighting is here to stay and has proven itself to outperform standard lighting

Energy efficiency

With a proven track record, LED lighting helps you save money today. Each one of those bulbs can make you save up to XX$

Low Maintenance

With a longer longevity, these LED bulbs greatly help reduce your maintenance cost tremendously


With a XX hour life expectancy, these lights will save you money for many years to come

Keeps working for more than 50 000 Hours

There is no longer any reason not to switch to LED lighting. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, they are not only more efficient but also much less expensive in terms of maintenance.

For all occasions

Whether for a playground, a parking lot, a building or any other use, this fixture offers power and brightness. Its ability to operate from 100 to 277 VAC reduces inventory requirements and helps reduce installation costs.

0-Flood Light With Articulated Arm



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100-277V 4000K 30W

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