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Transit LED lighting

Our transit LED lighting solutions

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Switch to LED and save


Energy savings and more with LED


Less maintenance

12 years

Estimated life span

Connect easily

These LED Lighting Products are a plug and play product which use the existing socket or fixture already installed at the OEM level. So they are very easy to install in your bus fleet to save Energy, labor and maintenance cost.

Heavy Duty

Our LED products are built to withstand the test of time. They will resist any impact that might go thru during transport, rough roads or any shock that might go thru with.

Low maintenance

These LED are dimmable to the desired level you need for your application. Our components are made of Aircraft aluminum and the thick PCB and frosted cover will improve the longevity of your bus fleet.

Save Money

Keep your fleet buses fresh and up to date with our LED technology to improve your bottom line and make your Customer and Driver Happier!!

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Our consultants can help you with available grants and subsidies in your region and calculate your ROI!

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