Specialized agricultural lighting

Speclite is proud to distribute specialized agricultural lighting solutions. To be sustainable, lighting solutions for the agricultural sector must withstand harsh environments. Depending on the application, many other requirements must be taken into account to ensure responsible and profitable farming in the long run. 

Lighting for poultry

We are pleased to see that the importance of poultry lighting is increasingly recognized around the world. Both the farmer and the animal benefit from a good lighting system, especially as it allows for more profitable and responsible poultry farming.

Lighting for pigs

Lighting plays an essential role in the development of pigs, as it stimulates the well-being of pigs and operators, making pig farming more profitable and responsible.

Lighting for cattle

An optimal light climate is important for cattle, as it significantly improves results for both animals and operators, leading to more profitable and responsible cattle farming.

Lighting for mushrooms

Mushroom house lighting focuses mainly on optimizing the working environment for people working in mushroom houses. Most importantly, mushroom house lighting must withstand harsh environments in order to function sustainably in the humid environments of a mushroom house.

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