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Specialized Agricultural Lighting Solutions

Speclite is at the forefront of innovation in specialized agricultural lighting, offering a range of solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of the agricultural sector. Our lighting systems are not only robust, capable of withstanding the toughest conditions, but they are also designed to optimize agricultural efficiency and productivity, taking into account the crucial importance of sustainability. Whether for specialized crops or livestock, our agricultural lighting solutions are tailored to ensure both responsible and profitable farming.

Specialized Lighting for Poultry

Our advanced lighting systems offer a range of benefits, including but not limited to increased egg production rates, improved poultry growth, and reduced stressful or aggressive behaviors, which translates to better overall herd health. Moreover, by providing an optimal light spectrum that mimics natural light, our technologies promote the maintenance of healthy biological rhythms in poultry, which is crucial for their reproduction and development.

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Lighting Innovations for Pig Farming

Lighting plays an important role in pig farming, directly influencing the well-being and development of pigs. Studies show that adequate light exposure improves the health of pigs, promotes regular biological cycles, and increases productivity. Speclite’s pig farming lighting systems are specifically designed to optimize these aspects while ensuring sustainable management of the operation.

These advanced lighting solutions mimic the natural light spectrum, essential for animal welfare, and precisely adjust duration and intensity to stimulate growth and reproduction, while reducing stress.
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Optimizing Lighting for Cattle

A well-lit environment plays a crucial role in the development and well-being of livestock. At Speclite, we have designed lighting solutions specifically adapted to the needs of cattle, aimed not only at improving their overall well-being but also at promoting healthy growth and more balanced behavior. Our innovative systems provide light that mimics the natural spectrum, essential for regulating the biological rhythms of animals, enhancing reproduction, and optimizing the production of milk or meat. Moreover, by integrating low-energy lighting technologies, our solutions reduce energy expenses and support efforts towards sustainable agriculture.

Specialized Lighting for Horticulture

Adequate LED lighting is important in the plant growth process as it directly influences their development and productivity. In this regard, horticultural lamps are essential for providing plants with the adequate amount of light necessary for photosynthesis, thus promoting optimal assimilation of minerals and carbon dioxide. Furthermore, these lamps help to best recreate the natural light conditions of the sun, which is particularly beneficial for greenhouse crops.