Return on investment analysis

Business man or analyst in front of desktop computer holding a modern transparent tablet screen reviewing business performance and a return on investment, ROI, and investement risk analysis

Plan the financial aspect of your project

In order to properly plan the financial aspect of your renovation projects, our team is able to provide you with a detailed analysis of the return on investment (ROI) of your lighting project. We can make a simple and quick calculation by considering only the total values of the project, for example the current consumption versus the new consumption after the project is completed. If we have the necessary data, we can offer much more detail and provide analysis broken down by different criteria, giving you the ability to better analyze your projects.

A professional presentation

A simple and professional document that will allow you to emphasize your submission to your client.

ROI 3.0 Démo 1
ROI 3.0 Démo 2


A page that summarizes in a few lines the main points of the project, i.e. the amounts to be invested, the savings realized, the return on investment and the return on investment.

Cash flow

A 10-year cash flow presentation to paint the long-term picture of the project’s impact.

ROI 3.0 Démo 3