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Our team seeks to simplify your lighting projects as much as possible by offering you a complete and efficient service that will save you time during your bids. Our goal is to understand your project and come back to you with a total expertise, and thus remove the maximum of conjecture to ensure a successful project.

Presentation of the project

A first contact is necessary to understand your project. If the survey is already done, we can usually proceed with the quote very quickly.

On-site visit if necessary

For your renovation projects where the survey has not yet been done, our team is available to do an on-site visit with you.

Project analysis

Renovation projects will generally be analyzed in terms of return on investment. If a photometric analysis is required, it will be performed at the same time. For new constructions, a photometric analysis is absolutely necessary and should be carried out from the construction plans.

Presentation of the submission

The complete bid, including photometric analysis or ROI analysis, luminaire data sheets and all important details will be presented. We will take the time necessary to ensure that it is well understood by all project stakeholders.


If any information needs to be changed, we can do so quickly and submit the amended submission to ensure that it is fair and accurate.

Continuous service

Throughout the project, our team remains available to answer questions and assist stakeholders to ensure effective progress.