Photometric analysis

Analysis of an office renovation

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For new construction or major renovations, it is essential to perform a complete photometric analysis to evaluate the most appropriate lighting configurations for the project. This analysis first allows us to evaluate the lighting levels that will be required in the different areas of the building. We can then propose different scenarios that will be the most effective for the project. This ensures that the final result will be a success and will meet all your needs.

A detailed analysis

Nur expertise allows us to create your space in our 3D software to present you with the most realistic rendering possible. We work from the construction plans issued by your engineer or architect. By adding as much detail as possible, we are able to present you with a rendering that will give you a more concrete idea of the final result and thus better plan the project.

Analyse Nouveau Bâtiment
False color version to better visualize the lighting

Use of false colors

We always present 3D renderings of our analysis, accompanied by false color renderings. False colors allow to visualize more precisely the lighting levels that will be reached. It is thus possible to quickly target insufficient and too high levels in order to make the project more efficient.

Interior and exterior analysis

Our analysis service covers the entire project, inside and out. This allows us to guarantee a satisfactory final result. We usually start with recommendations according to the standards, but can adjust our analysis according to your needs.

Analyse Nouveau Bâtiment

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