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Éclairage architectural

Your Partner in Architectural Lighting Solutions

Speclite is proud to offer cutting-edge lighting solutions, designed to magnify and personalize the architecture of your building. Thanks to our partnership with Lumen Warm, based in Quebec, we offer you an almost unlimited palette of customized options. Choose the ideal lighting ambiance for your project from millions of possible configurations.

Alina System - Infinite Flexibility and Customization

The Alina System represents excellence in customizable lighting solutions. Designed to adapt to the aesthetics of any architectural project, it offers an impressive diversity of unique light fixtures. With the Alina System, easily reinvent the look of your space, choosing from a constantly expanding range of fixture styles to create the perfect atmosphere.

Desfioli del

Desfioli: Elegance and Adaptability

Whether you opt for a square or round shape, a subtle or bold border, a standard finish or a custom color, the Desfioli effortlessly adjusts to your space. Its adaptability makes it the ideal choice for those looking to combine simplicity and customization in their lighting project.

LED Extrusions - Versatility and Functionality

Our LED Extrusions offer unmatched flexibility, available in a wide range of light intensities and applications. Whether it’s to highlight design elements or add a functional dimension to a space, LED Extrusions are suitable for all uses. Versatile and efficient, they embody the perfect union of aesthetics and performance.

eclairage DEL

Eros - Unleash Your Creativity

The Eros range is designed to stimulate innovation. With its 90-degree illuminated angles and the option to order custom lengths, Eros allows you to create unique shapes and continuous installations without any visible joints. Unleash your imagination and bring bold, original designs to life.

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